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21 Dec 2018
The juice is made from pulp/concentrate. Artificial sugar can be added or not added to the extracted juice.

The syrup is first prepared in a jacketed mixing tank and then mixed with fruit pulp, water, and other ingredients such as flavors, colors, preservatives, and the like. In another mixing tank.
This mixture is pasteurized to remove any microbial growth therein and then homogenized to produce a uniform juice mixture.

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. helps the agri-food industry convert its agricultural products into products other than juice.

The process of making juice varies by Juice Processing Plant. The juice can be made from fresh fruits, vegetables, concentrates, chilled water jams or sterile mixtures. If produced with fresh fruit, all equipment used for the storage, selection, cleaning and extraction of fruits and vegetables needs to be appropriate. This means that a different fresh fruit and vegetable extraction line is needed.

If made from a concentrate or a sterile mixed paste, the ingredients are passed directly into the mixing and mixing unit where they are mixed in a batch or continuous system. Today, manufacturers tend to produce large quantities of different concentrated juices or fruit varieties. The same line can be used to produce different types of juice. The CIP system guarantees complete hygiene of the entire process while using the same production line for different products.

When it comes to orange juice, another process is involved because the enzyme must be deactivated before the liquid is pasteurized. In some processes, a homogenizer may also be required to ensure a homogeneous mixture of ingredients.

Most juices are packaged in aseptic packaging. Those that are intended to be stored and stored in the refrigerator are packaged in ultra-clean packaging technology, and those contained in glass bottles are usually hot-packed.

By-products or wastes produced in the juice production process - if meat - can also be regenerated to produce dehydrated feed for livestock, pectin for the production of jelly, citric acid, essential oils, molasses and candied skin. Certain fractions of orange oil (referred to as d-limonene) have excellent solvent properties and are sold for industrial cleaners.

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. provides you with a complete Juice Production Line:

1. Syrup preparation tank
2. Fruit pulp storage tank
3. Filter press
4. Mixing
5. Homogenization
6. Standardization
7. Heat sterilization
8. Filling production line: - Automatic filling production line with flushing filling and capping machine

In addition to the above machines, we can also provide a blow molding machine that can make bottles for you with PET pre-forms according to the shape and size you want. No matter what you need, as long as you come to contact us, I believe we can definitely help, make your factory production more smoothly, and create more wealth for you.


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